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JLSI provides strategic planning advice to a wide-range of companies, especially in the consumer products industry. This takes the form of day fee consulting, participation on Advisory Boards and occasional roles on Public Boards. In conjunction with Harry Kangis and Mark Schar, JLSI has developed a proprietary strategic planning tool called One Page Strategic Planning®. This process allows organizations to build powerful strategic plans using the OGSP® structure.

What Is One Page Strategic Planning?
What It is – One Page Strategic Planning (OPSP) is a process for getting everyone’s agreement on What the organization will achieve and How they will get there.

  • One Pages Strategic Planning forces real choices, greater clarity and better alignment --- from Board to plant floor.
  • Makes it easier for people to know what their personal role will be.

The Outcome – The OPSP process defines seven characteristics of successful organizations.

  • Mission: “Why” the organization really exists – the reason people really come to work.
  • Vision: “Where” the organization is headed – a long-view of what is to come.
  • Objective: “What” the organization will achieve; a description of success over the next 3 years.
    • Goals: The metrics that will track progress toward the objective.
  • Strategies: “How” success will be achieved; the choices made on where resources will go to deliver the objective.
    • Plans: The high level project work that will bring the Strategy to life.
  • Tactics: “Who” will do each project required to deliver the plans --- and by when.
    • Won’t Do List®: Details all the work which will be Stopped, Held or Limited so that the important

What’s The Process – One Page Strategic Plans are built by the organization which will own and use them, based on the strategic knowledge that is already embedded in the organization.

  • The OPSP process is about drawing out the knowledge which is already in the hands of people in the organization.
  • OPSP is a journey, not an event. Developing an OPSP is relatively easy – but the leadership commitment required to live up to it is very difficult.

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