John Lilly - Strategic Insights
John Lilly - Strategic Insights


JLSI brings experienced operating perspective to investment decisions for Private Equity, Venture Capital, Investment Banking and Corporate clients. Typically, this involves the following types of work:

  • Identifying promising investment opportunities based on JLSI insights into future consumer needs.
  • Helping to evaluate and price companies being offered for sale.
  • Advising on appropriate financial and strategic arrangements between buyers and sellers.
  • Helping investors decide what not to invest in based on experience in 50 different consumer-driven businesses in 25 countries over 27 years.
  • Identifying growth strategies for portfolio companies which have “flat” sales and earnings.
  • Developing detailed business plans which describe what needs to be done in the first three years after a new investment is made.
  • Advising investment professionals on strategic and operating risks of potential investments.
  • Identifying strategic initiatives or add-on acquisitions for portfolio companies.
  • Coaching management teams of portfolio companies and investment bank clients.
  • Participating in presentations to prospective clients on M&A advisory, financing and restructuring proposals.
  • Developing M&A strategies for client companies on ways to enter and exit specific industry segments.
  • Teaching client employees about emerging trends in consumer-driven industries.
  • Providing creative solutions to exit structure issues which are in the way of success.


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