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JLSI provides specialized consulting services to emerging companies who want to introduce their products or services to larger companies. This is the highly specialized work of turning “inventions into innovations” – helping small companies get their technology incorporated into big company products. This work is an outgrowth of work done for JLIS's venture investment affiliate (Lateral Capital, LLC) and work done for various banking clients. Examples of technology consulting product introductions include bringing:

  • New to the world pigment technology to a large buyer of plastic bottles.
  • New hearing-aid technology to a large multinational CPG company.
  • Safety products technology to a US government security agency.
  • Website translation technology to a leading retailer.
  • New packaging technology to several large food companies.
  • Leading edge manufacturing management software to several large companies.
  • Rubber-based, environmentally superior “bricks” to a builder of concrete wall panels

Work by JLSI typically begins with re-purposing of the client’s existing product information into a format which large companies will find strategically compelling. Next is finding the right “path” inside the target company to get the idea “launched”. Typically, penetrating these organizations requires both multiple points of entry and a passionate advocate inside the company.

JLSI prices it services for this type of assignment on a gain-sharing basis. Typically, JLSI receives a percent of sales made to the target company over a period of 3-5 years against a retainer or, for smaller companies, stock options in the company. A “standard” agreement is available for review.



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